Card Caddy Sets


I have made thousands of these awesome card caddies!  We sold them at Christmas at Cowtown and other holiday and gift markets.  We are selling the last of the stock to you!  Perfect for Easter baskets and quarantine at home!

We made them for our kids when they were little because they couldn't hold their playing cards when we played a game.  They are now teenagers and we still use them to play UNO or any other game that requires lots of cards!  They are great for Go Fish!, Old Maid, UNO, gin rummy, canasta, etc.

They are also awesome for someone that may need some assistance holding cards.  They have been used by people who have had strokes, broken arms, Parkinson's and many other disabilities or surgergies.

$5   Card Caddy (each)

$3   Playing cards (order 3 or more for $2.50 each)

$6   Superhero playing cards (very limited stock)

$5   Carrying bag (holds up to 6 caddies and several decks of cards)

Payments can be made by cash, Venmo or PayPal

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